Sage Business Intelligence

What is Sage Business Intelligence?

Organizations are increasingly suffering from information frustration, having to manage large volumes of data, and needing to report from several databases using inflexible reporting tools. Information delivery and user empowerment are increasingly taking centre stage in enterprises with a resultant growth in the end user query and reporting (EUQR) category of the business intelligence market.

Sage Business Intelligence is an innovative software reporting solution that offers users in organizations of all sizes a powerful and intuitive reporting tool to take control of their own reports. It introduces a revolutionary approach to leveraging the reporting power of Microsoft Excel and protects and extends organizations’ existing IT skills and investment.

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Benefits of using Sage Business Intelligencesample co

  • Work with a standard Windows look and feel
  • Reduces the need for IT department intervention
  • Reduces the need for expensive consultants and specialist software training
  • Consistent format (Microsoft Excel) for reporting across multiple data sources
  • Business intelligence can become a standard desktop tool
  • Avoids inefficiencies in the report development life cycle thereby improving productivity
  • Empowers the user thereby improving overall productivity
  • Optimizes your return on investment by leveraging your existing IT infrastructure
  • Extends Microsoft Excel skills rather than having to learn a new set of software skills

Sage Business Intelligence is a cost-effective, high-value reporting tool that allows people to spend more time doing things that directly translate into business value. It offers flexible access to business intelligence and enables the user to create and customize operational and analytical reports on a real-time basis. Sage Business Intelligence allows an organization to track information effectively and deliver a rapid return on investment at a moderate total cost of ownership.

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