Sage 300(f.k.a Sage ERP ACCPAC)

What is Sage 300?


Formerly knownSage 300 360 degree View of your Business as Sage 300 ERP or ACCPAC, Sage 300 is one of the best accounting and ERP solutions in today’s market. It connects your entire operation with a single, integrated solution that provides greater visibility, making it easier to share information and communicate.

Being a comprehensive and flexible business management software, Sage 300 is designed and guaranteed to keep your total cost of ownership low by supporting multiple technologies, databases, and operating systems. Available in multiple editions, Sage 300 allows you to add users and adopt greater functionality as your business grows. It also supports multiple languages and multi-currency transactions, enabling your business to reach around the globe comfortably.


If your company wants to compete in today’s fast-paced business arena, you need to control costs in order to maximize profitability. Sage 300 contains the power and tools to help you see your business in a new way so that you can improve productivity, envision success and accelerate growth.

Sage 300 Modules

[icon name=”calculator” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Accounting modules

Help businesses succeed by accurately presenting valuable financial information in a clear, understandable format

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • System Manager-Bank Reconciliation

Apart from that, you are also able to set up multiple companies in one or more databases, run processes, close books, and report results by company or in a consolidated company with these:

  • Multiple Language
  • Multi-currency Manager
  • G/L Consolidations


[icon name=”cogs” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Operations modules

Ensure your business follows the best practice for efficiency and accuracy by automating and integrating processes to keep your warehouse, inventory, production, and service departments aligned and running smoothly.

Sage 300-OE Screen

Sage 300 Order Entry Screen

  • Inventory Control
  • Purchase Order
  • Order Entry

Ensure optimal performance of your services, maintenance, and project management process at virtually any touch point.

  • Project and Job Costing

Make smarter and more confident business decisions faster than ever before. Transform disparate data into meaningful intelligence with the powerful analysis and reporting of Sage 300 ERP. With integrated business intelligence and reporting, you can selectively access critical data to identify issues early, make an accurate analysis, and take timely action to improve performance.

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting


    Sage Business Intelligence

Apart from the standard modules available within Sage 300, we work with development partners to build utility modules or even customization to meet your business demands.

For more information, do take a look at the SAGE 300 Brochure

Sage 300 Editions

We believe your ERP solution should support your business strategy – not hinder it or force you to buy too much too soon. That is why Sage 300 ERP offers scalable editions on which to build your business.

Why you should upgrade to SAGE 300 2018

Benefits of using Sage 300

[icon name=”line-chart” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Improve productivity

Motivated, focused, empowered, productive, and efficient people move your company toward success. That’s common knowledge. The difficult part is finding the right balance between allowing your people to work the way they want and capturing the key financial data you need to remain compliant with government regulations and auditing controls.

Sage 300 offers proven functionality that automates financial management and business operations.

[icon name=”graduation-cap” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Envision success

Success comes from enabling your workforce the power to make better decisions and hence execute appropriate actions in response to ever-changing business needs. Simply put, an empowered staff will help bring success. Sage 300 will be able to empower your employees, bringing success to your company.

[icon name=”thumbs-o-up” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Ease of use

Sage 300 allows even novice users, with the proper level of secure access, to create personalized, ad-hoc query lists in just a few minutes without the knowledge of databases, programming, or web technologies.

The highly intuitive interface puts custom information access within easy reach of everyday nontechnical users as it requires minimal training and IT support.

[icon name=”leaf” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Grow with confidence

In order for your company to grow, your employees should be given ready access to the systems and tools that they need to work at peak performance.

With Sage 300, you can achieve that peak performance by connecting processes from each part of your business, securely and in real time. The scalable, open architecture of Sage 300 accelerate the growth of your company through maximizing your organization’s future growth potential.

To learn more about Sage 300, please do not hesitate to contact our experts!