Sage 300 People

What is Sage 300 People?

A powerful, highly customisable solution that takes care of HR and payroll for larger, mid-market and enterprise-size businesses.

Features and Functions

(The following is only a sample of the features found in Sage 300 People. For more information, do take a look at the brochure linked below)

Personnel Administration

With Sage 300 People, you are able to receive all statutory updates regularly to ensure compliance, draw reports for a single company or consolidated reports for multiple companies as well as use MS Active Directory for user authentication and security. Furthermore, a full history of ever period is stored separately and can be recalled at any time.




  • Consolidate payslips
  • Manage employee records smoothly and in an organised way.
  • Securely backup company and employee information to the system, allowing for easy access to electronic records for each employee.
  • Create default payslip structures containing the payroll definitions that apply to an individual or group of employees who share similar payslip setups.
  • The Batch wizard lets you import and export large amounts of data directly to and from MS Excel and quickly create forms for regular use, e.g. overtime hours or bonus values.
  • Sage 300 People uses best-practice security to give maximum security and control.


Extra modules when you need them

[icon name=”money” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Job Costing

The Job Costing module allocates labour costs to projects and different departments across numerous industries, e.g. construction, agriculture, labour hire, nursing and mining.

[icon name=”book” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Interface with your General Ledger

Seamlessly integrate with your General Ledger through a flexible, once-off configuration.

[icon name=”database” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Sage Intelligence Reporting

  • Obtain the information required for improved reporting across your entire business. Based on the Microsoft Excel application. The module also lets you effortlessly create reports and analyse data, improving your visibility into your organisation and helping you make informed business decisions.

[icon name=”male” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] HR

  • The VIP People HR modules are process-driven and follow a systematic HR approach throughout.
  • The traditional employee file can be replaced with an easy-to-use, always available electronic file to which you can attach documents.

[icon name=”area-chart” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Manage Employment Equity

  • Lets you manage your employment equity goals and targets throughout all HR processes by defining equity positions, monitoring goals and targets against actual staff movements and appointments, using management reports to manage equity targets, and printing Statutory Equity Reports (EEA2 and EEA4) required by the Department of Labour.

[icon name=”clock-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Time Flow

  • Allows HR to create custom process flows on a timeline to manage business processes. This is especially suited for on-boarding & off-boarding processes. It allows you to automatically spawn off workflows, notifications, checklists etc. to manage a business process visually.

Self-Service (SS)

Your employees can:

  • Apply for leave
  • Manage their claims
  • Manage their own personal details like bank accounts and next-of-kin information
  • View current and previous payslips and tax certificates and print selected reports
  • Complete a performance review
  • Start a free-text workflow

Your managers are able to:

  • Approve transactions
  • Manage performance reviews
  • Manage surveys
  • View the leave of all their employees on the team calendar
  • Print reports

To learn more about Sage 300 People, do take a look at the Sage 300 People Brochure – Sage Asia

Benefits of Sage 300 People

Security, stability and improved processes

Sage 300 People not only gives you airtight security and rock-solid stability, it provides you with impressive improvements in processing through constant innovation. And the design complements the existing Enterprise Resource Planning (BMS) applications and builds on the strength of SQL as a unified platform.

Online real-time design

Online, real-time design makes your processing easy to monitor, cutting down on errors and reducing risk. Its combination with a period-driven system gives you state-of-the-art technology.

Universal calculation engine

You can use this in any design area – from calculating medical aid deductions and printing detailed reports to generating complex job-costing calculations. This functionality is just one example of Sage 300 People’s ability to give you cohesive, comprehensive and configurable solutions that break legacy configurations.

Improve productivity through integration

Prevent the waste of resources that results from disparate or poorly integrated systems; reduce costs and improve productivity through a solution that provides all the tools you need to drive HR and payroll in one integrated, state-of-the-art system.

Empower your employees

Retain and motivate your employees by giving them the power to work to their full potential through having access to the information they need to make decisions and to help you grow your business.

Stay in control

Steer your business successfully through growth phases with an HR and payroll system that grows with you, giving you the agility combined with the stability and security you need to manage resources and costs efficiently and meet all compliance requirements.


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